Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dr's Appointment(s)

It's getting sooo close!! We have started every 2 week appointments, as of this week. I can not tell you how excited I am. It makes the day go by faster, because I schedule them around lunch time, so when I come back, I don't have much time left in the day.

Today was just normal, nothing out of the ordinary. I actually saw the nurse, because my Doctor is on Vacation. My visit was over in about 45 min......That's a RECORD! We actually have to go to the specialists next week - and I get so see sweet baby Lexi (Alexis), because they will do a very detailed ultrasound. LOVE THOSE VISITS!

This week has been SO slow at work. SO, since my sister works with me (and she is pregnant too), we have been planning our baby showers. YES, I am having one for my 3rd child. My sister is SO GREAT. My sister-in-law is also doing one too. This is my husband's bioligical sister (if you do not know the story, you can read here . So, I actually get TWO! The one MY sister is doing is mostly people from work and old friends, and we have 80 people to invite! We will see how many actually come, but I couldn't NOT invite someone from work.

I am doing one for my sister, and another friend is doing another one for her too, and her friends in Pensacola are going to do one for her there too. Her husband's family lives there too, so hopefully they will be able to come. She deserves it! :)

Well, that's it for now.... Maybe something interesting will happen tomorrow I can post about, bc this is BORING! :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

SO BORED...............

Well, for some reason, this week is SO SLOW at work. Normally I have so much to do I just want to cry, but that is not the case today (or yesterday). I should not be complaining should I?? Probably not, but then it means I am BORED....

Today I had an appointment, so I did not have to be in until 10, but that means I have to work until 6:30...BOOO.... I may leave at 6, since I did not go anywhere for lunch.

Good news, I am going to see my friend Angela tonight for an Arbonne Party. Should be loads of fun....Oh and Dallas (her baby) will be there too... We might all fight over who gets to play with her. Maybe if I get there early I can call dibbs!! :)

Tomorrow I go see my OB... We will see what she says, if anything, about how things are going. I don't think she will check anything, unless I tell her I am still having contractions, but who knows. I have to go back to the specialist next week for another Eco-Cardiogram. Nothing to worry about. I just get some extra tests because my 1/2 sister had some complications with her 1st. Nothing I will complain about, because I get to see the baby and get more pictures!! :) I seriously can not wait for her to get here........Then we start every other week visits, which means I will have 1 every week for the next 3 weeks (1 this, 1 next(specialist), 1 regular the next week). It's getting CLOSE!!!!! I can't wait.

I keep saying I'm looking forward to my 6 weeks off from work. Who am I kidding, I will be BEGGING for all my friends to come see. The older two will be in school, so that will be nice to just have some me and Alexis time, but after a few days, I am sure I will be STIRR CRAZY! :) We shall see though. If all goes well and we have normal delivery, recoupe time should not be too bad. All depends on how bad the tubes tying thing goes.... (not overly thrilled about that, but I am sure I will be ok :) ).

O.k. if the rest of the week goes like the last two days, I might blog again....Or maybe for my 1 reader's sake, I won't blog again..... :)

Enjoy your day!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


O.k. I just realized that it has been since October since I have posted! WOW am I lazy.....or am I just busy?? I like the 2nd one better.

Well, since Vacation, I have been looking forward to my NEXT Vacation....partly because I will have another baby then! :) I can't wait. 7 weeks, 5 days in counting. That is, if she will cooperate and come on time. I don't see any reason she won't, but we will wait and see.

I have a dr. appt. this week, and one at the Specialist next week, then I think I go back the next week to my dr. again (will start 2 week appointments this week). It's getting SO MUCH closer!!!!!!!!

I will upload some recent photos.... I had maternity pictures done recently, and this was one of my favorite that she took, so she sent me a copy to have for myself......It was one of the better ones that you could actually tell that I was pregnant...

We also had 4-d pictures done a few weeks ago. These REALLY made me want to bring Alexis home NOW!!!
Isn't she beautiful??

For Christmas, I got a new crib/changing table and the bedding for her bed. Right now, it is all in our room. We are working on getting the office cleaned out and moving Tyler into Kaitlyn's room so Alexis can have her own room. She may end up in our room for a while......

The Crib and bedding....

The changing table

We had a really good Christmas, the kids were spoiled with everthing they got. We should almost not buy them any presents with how many they get from everyone else.....:) They are enjoying playing with their toys and their week off from school. Everything should be back to "normal" for the time being after the 1st.